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Concierge Neurology Treatment is a term refers to describe the relationship between the Neurology patients and Neurology physicians in which the patients pays an annual fee or retainer. In exc    hange for the retainer, Concierge Neurology doctors provide enhanced care to the Neurology patients. This system is also known as Direct Care. Other terms of Concierge medicine was boutique medicine, retainer-based medicine, and innovative medical practice design.

The concept of Concierge Neurological Medical Treatment has been accused of promoting a new health care system that favors the wealthy, limits the number of physicians to care for those who cannot afford it, and burdens the middle and lower class with a higher cost of insurance. Detractors contend that while this approach is more lucrative for some neurology physicians and makes care more convenient for their patients, it makes care less accessible for other patients who can't able to pay the required membership fees.

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